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(DONE) Missing Magazine - Vidiot

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Hello all,

Another magazine entry to be considered for the Retromags database - Vidiot, a (very) short-lived sister publication of CREEM magazine.

Name: Vidiot

Country of origin: USA

Number of issues: 5 *

Dates of each issue:

  • Sep/Oct 1982
  • Feb/Mar 83
  • Apr/May 83
  • Jun/Jul 83
  • Aug/Sep 83

* While not confirmed, various online sources support five issues.

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to see Heart, Duran Duran, John Cougar Mellencamp or Ted Nugent pose with arcade games, Vidiot is for you.

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Back in the early 80s, the music industry was concerned about video gaming stealing the disposable income of valuable customers. Vidiot feels like a misguided olive branch of the era - if you couldn't beat 'em, you'd join 'em.

If you'd like to give it a try, Digital Press has a thumbnail Gallery and PDFs of most issues. And Dangerous Minds has a write-up concerning some of the 'zine's more outdated thinking (this article suggest only 5 issues were published, btw).

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