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Missing Magazine - Joystik (October 1983) Special Edition

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Hello all,

Discovered this today and thought I'd share it here. Apparently, Joystik magazine published a special edition for the month of October '83. This issue currently doesn't have an entry in the Joystik section of the magazine database.

It's very similar to their Dec. '82 issue when they decided to break bad and publish an installment that is far more strategy guide than standard content. Not that Joystik wasn't always strategy-heavy but Dec. '82 went so far as to change up the cover masthead with a prominent "How To Win At Home Video Games" across the cover. Despite the changes, this issue is counted in regular sequence as "December 1982, Volume 1, No. 3."

In October '83, they published "How To Win Arcade Video Games." Again, a major change to the cover with strategy guide content. But this time the issue wasn't counted in sequence - it's internally labeled "October, 1983, Special Edition."


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