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(Done) Missing Magazine - The Atari Connection


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DONE!  The Atari Connection has been fully added to the system and is ready for indexing/preservation!


Publications database:



Magazine database:






Here's another magazine currently without an entry in RetroMag's Magazine Database.  If you can provide any additional info for The Atari Connection, please post a comment so we can eventually begin preserving these issues!


The Atari Connection was a self-promoting magazine published quarterly by Atari for Atari computer owners.  I'm not sure if it was ever available via traditional news stand - each issue includes a bulk rate postage indicator printed directly on the back cover so I expect it was distributed by mail only.  In fact, it may have only been made available to Atari computer owners directly.


Name: The Atari Connection (masthead becomes Atari Connection with issue eight (Winter 82/83 v2n4))

Country of Origin: USA

Number of Issues: 14


Dates of each issue:


Spring 81 (v1n1)
Summer 81 (v1n2)
Fall 81 (v1n3)
Winter 81/82 (v1n4)
Spring 82 (v2n1)
Summer 82 (v2n2)
Fall 82 (v2n3)
Winter 82/83 (v2n4)
Spring 83 (v3n1)
Summer 83 (v3n2)
Fall 83 (v3n3)
Winter 84
Spring 84 (v4n1)
Summer 84 (v4n2)


With the Spring 1983 issue, volume/number was no longer indicated on the front cover but was displayed with the table of contents.  That is, with the exception of the Winter 1984 issue, which also creates some additional confusion by having not been properly labeled Winter 83/84.


Along with the issues listed above, a "Welcome Edition" (copyrighted 1981) also exists.  This was apparently mailed to computer owners who filed their warranty registration cards.  It's essentially a six-page, introductory mini-mag (perhaps literally under-sized) introducing their complimentary Atari Connection subscription.


A RetroMags Gallery already exists for Atari Connection, waiting for cover scans: http://community.retromags.com/gallery/category/351-atari-connection/




7/20/16 edit - added gallery/mag/pub links; flagged as done

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