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(Done) Missing Magazine - AtariUser


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DONE! AtariUser has been fully added to the system and is ready for indexing/preservation!








Another 'zine currently in need of an entry in the RetroMags Magazine Database is AtariUser. (Not to be confused with Atari User or the other Atari User or the Page 6/Atari User buyout to become New Atari User.)

If you have any additional information about this magazine, please chime in so we can begin indexing and preserving issues!

AtariUser was published by Quill Publishing as a replacement for their ST Journal publication. Despite early issues sporting a cover price, individual issues of AtariUser were apparently offered free of charge - the cover price was optional for retailers. This explains the near-100% b&w interiors as well as the smaller, comic sized format. The magazine may have also been largely distributed only regionally in and around the state of California.

Name: AtariUser

Country of Origin: USA

Number of Issues: 21

Dates of each issue:

01: May 91

02: Jun 91

03: Jul 91

04: Aug 91

05: Sep 91

06: Oct 91

07: Nov 91

08: Dec 91

09: Jan 92

10: Feb 92

11: Mar 92

12: Apr 92

13: May 92

14: Jun 92

15: Jul 92

16: Aug 92

17: Sep 92

18: Oct 92

19: Nov 92

20: Dec 92

21: Oct 93

As you can see, the magazine was published monthly with the exception of the (very late) final issue. Issue #21 is labeled "October 1993" on the cover and "January - October 1993" internally. According to John Nagy - former publisher - the issue was delayed as a result of ad revenue difficulties. An issue #22 was planned (and may be complete) but was never released following an earthquake and revised priorities.


edit: removed broken sample cover image

7/16/16 edit - Issue 20 (Dec 92) confirmed; issue 21 (Oct 93) confirmed as final; added details regarding format, region, and cancellation; flagged as DONE!

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