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Favorite Retro Gaming Sites/Blogs?


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Go ahead and share the love for some of your favorite sites or blogs dedicated to classic/retro gaming that keep you coming back for more. Here are a few sites that I like to visit regularly...



Hardcore Gaming 101...


CRPG Addict...


The Sega Collection...


Retro Video Gaming...


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I have a few favorite sites but am always looking for new stuff. And a lot of stuff now I'm into has gone on to videos series on YouTube so I'll include those too.

Chrontendo: exellent series of videos and blog posts covering every game released on the NES in chronological order. Also has two sister series, Chronturbo which covers every PC-Engine game, and Chronsega which covers every SMS game, and now Genesis games as well. The blog site is

http://chrontendo.blogspot.com Where the creator Dr, Sparkle mixes up his Videogame related posts with topics such as music, beer, and books. Videos are mostly on YouTube under the chrontendo account, but to watch all of them its best to download them from archive.org in 60 FPS.

Related to above is Generation-16. A similar chronogaming series covering every Mega Drive and Genesis game ever made in chronological order. Done by Greg Sewart who is a former editor for EGM and a huge Sega fan. Can go to Generation-16.com for find his videos under sewartg on YouTube.

Another chronogaming related blog is the RPG consoler. Plays every American released console RPG in chronological order and blogs about them. http://allconsolerpgs.blogspot.com

A more recent one I follow is a blog by Dylan Cornellius who reviewed every NES game, called Sega Does.


He is on a quest to review and play every console Sega game ever released in Chronolgical order. He started with the SG-1000, and his reviews are kind of the primary resource in English on the Internet for that system now, current in 1987 on the SMS. Also does a companion podcast.

Another great site is Golden Age arcade historian.


The author is a retro arcade historian and talks about golden age arcade games and pulls information out of old trade magazines like replay etc. Some great articles on 70's and early 80's arcade company's and game history.

Another site is gameboy world.com by Jeremy Parish. He's documenting and making videos about every I game boy game I chronological order. His Gameboy world videos are on his YouTube accoint under Jeremy Parish and his game write ups with picture and box screenshots are at gameboyworld.com.

Speaking of Jeremy Parish. I'm a big fan of the Retronauts podcast and website.

Another YouTube series I enjoy is Game Sack. Great retro videos.

For general Sega Genesis stuff is sega-16.com. They have reviews, articles and fantastic interviews with any and everyone involved in the Sega Genesis. The also have a fairly active forum.

A good general Sega reference site is segaretro.org I think or it could be .com. Comprehensive information on nearly every Sega game ever made.

I subscribe to Retro magazine but don't visit their site very much. But they have occasional good reviews.

I'd love to hear move of other people favorite retro sites and video channels.

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