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BBCode editor trouble


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I'm having trouble with the BBCode editor for indexing magazines. Let's look at this magazine: http://www.retromags.com/magazines/category/uk/super-play/super-play-issue-8#.VQVpWt_0_CJ

When creating a bullet list and indenting it, as in the DRIVING GAMES SPECIAL heading in the indexing of the linked magazine, it will (sometimes) flatten the indentation after previewing if there isn't a non-indented bullet right after the indentation ends. In the example I am using an empty bullet right after the indentation. If the empty bullet is removed, the indentation will flatten after a preview. Go on and try it if you wish by pressing Edit, but please use Preview instead of Save. Note that it looks as it should before Preview or Save are clicked.

Sometimes it works without a bullet aftewards, as in the end of the ADVERTISEMENTS heading. If it works or not seems completely random, and looking at the BBCode source there doesn't seem to be any difference between them.

Does anyone know of any solutions to this problem? Is there an update to the BBCode editor available that fixes these issues?

Also, sometimes the editor doesn't let me change boldness or italics. Try for example selecting the SYSTEMS COVERED heading at the top and changing boldness. For me, neither the button or the keyboard shortcut works. I can change boldness if I rewrite the text.

Moreover, some minor edits like adding a line break and then clicking Save will not be saved.

Thank you!

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I've struggled with the bullet list issue as well. I eventually began formatting my indexes taking the bug into account - trying not end a section with an indented list - but I agree, it is frustrating.

If I recall correctly, the bold/italics problem can be traced to duplicate bold/italics tags. You should see them if you manually edit the source.

I've had some line break hiccups. No break, double break, etc. Not sure why they appear but I'm now in the habit of submitting an index, then immediately editing the same index to fix the spacing bugs. They've always saved afterward.

Have had occasional problems with lost underline and font size formatting, too, with save submission.

Expect for the indent bug - which is incredibly frustrating sometimes - I can live with the others. I've always found web-based WYSIWYG editors to be extremely fickle. The editor here at RetroMags is actually very solid compared to others I've used. Would be nice if the bullet list bug could be patched, though. :)

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