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Inside Mac Games (IMG) was the premiere Macintosh gaming magazine in the 1990s and published exclusively on electronic media. It started out on 3.5" floppy disk and online in February 1993, quickly growing to include an expanded CD-ROM edition so that by January 1995 it was a CD-ROM only publication. Each CD included video interviews with industry leaders and was packed with demos, shareware, add-ons, updaters, screenshots, and even other smaller electronic publications or "e-zines" from the era that were distributed online, including MacDoom Review and MacSense.

The first four CDs in my collection are now being hosted on the Internet Archive with more to follow.





You will need a Macintosh emulator to read the magazine, preferably one that can run Mac OS 7.5 or whatever version of Mac OS was available on the issue's publication date.

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All issues of IMG in my collection have now been uploaded and relevant metadata (publication date, tags) have been added. Most of the descriptions are missing but the content of each CD is vast. The cover images are all there and provide key info.

Here are the remaining issues, which range from 1997-2000.

IMG went through several editorial changes during this period. The number of issues released each year dropped from 10 to 8 and then from 8 to 6, and then returned to 10. The Mac industry itself went through a sharp downturn when Apple faced bankruptcy in 1996 and started to rebound some time after Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

Some interesting historical stuff in there, like the worldwide debut of Halo at MacWorld during a Steve Jobs presentation, plenty of video interviews with game industry leaders talking about their views on the Mac. Believe it or not, the Mac had a greater focus on gaming back then! Microsoft buying out Bungie changed all that…

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