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Looking for a magazine w/ article on NEC SuperGrafx mentioning 50,000 units manufactured.


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I clearly remember reading a U.S. magazine (okay could be UK but I doubt it) at a bookstore in the mid-late 1990s about NEC's ill-fated SuperGrafx, you know the beefed up PC-Engine that only had 5 dedicated games made for it (plus 2 that were bi-compatible with original PCE)

The article specifically mentions that around 50,000 SuperGrafx consoles were manufactured.

For a long time I believed this was in an Electronic Games (LC2) in the Test Lab column, but going through the posted contents of each magazine here, I don't see it.

It was not in EGM, GamePro or GameFan. I believe it was published sometime in 1997 but I could be off by a couple of years. I'm thinking anywhere between 1995 and 1998.

Would really at least like to know what magazine I'm even looking for. This is the place to ask!

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In the early 90's, before more adult oriented magazines such as Edge/Next Generation came out, upcoming or Japan only hardware and software was always a bit of a mystery. I'd often see ads for game importers in the back of magazines like Electronic Gaming Monthly that featured shadowy consoles with names like, FM-Towns, Core Grafx and the notorious Supergrafx.

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