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(DONE) Missing Magazine - Pocket Games

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I've already discussed most of this material elsewhere but thought I'd post it to the proper forum. :) If you have any information about Pocket Games magazine, please chime in so we can fill in the details and eventually create a database entry for this publication!

Published by Ziff Davis, Pocket Games was a loosely tri-annual magazine focusing on portable gaming, with a close - if not synonymous - relationship with the staff of Electronic Gaming Monthly. In fact, according to former writer Frank Provo, issues included re-purposed EGM content with "mostly original content" after issue #3.

Issues of Pocket Games I've found carry a time stamp on the cover listing the publication date, publication season, or both.

Name: Pocket Games

Country of Origin: USA

Number of issues: 20?

Dates of each issue:

??? / Summer/Fall 1999

May-01-2000 / Spring 2000

Sep 2000 / Summer 2000

Nov-27-2000 / Fall 2000

Mar-31-2001 / Winter

Sep-24-2001 / Summer

Feb-1-2002 / Winter

May-1-2002 / Spring

??? / Summer 2002?

Jan-1-2003 / Winter

May-26-2003 / Spring

Aug-25-2003 / Summer

Dec-8-2003 / Fall

Jun-15 / Spring

Sep-13 / Summer

Feb-21 / Winter





The last issue I've tracked down is issue 20 - I don't know if this is the final issue.

A DVD with cardboard sleeve was included with issue 17. I don't know if the disc was included with all copies, or if standard/disc editions were printed.

Some reference links:

Frank Provo's Pocket Games portfolio page - includes lots of readable excerpts. - a blog discussing issue #1.

The Strong's National Museum of Play - short magazine bio and image of issue #17 DVD in sleeve.

Cover scans in RetroMags' Unsorted Covers Gallery:

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I am pretty sure that's fixable. Straight lines not too hard to fix on the UPC. And Blue border the same.

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