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Shenmue III kickstarter!

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Yeah boy, I own the first two Shemue games, and this will be an awesome addition. The only downfall is the Playstation 4 version will be digital-only at this point. The PC version will have a physical edition.

I would not be surprised if a physical PS4 release is announced as a stretch goal eventually. Or maybe a physical publisher will come along afterward - like Deep Silver with Mighty No. 9.

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Oh man I regret that I never got into sm1&2.. wonder if they aged well or if it's too late now? Not to keen on buying a dc for 2 games only but :). Are they availible to any other sys?

The first Shenmue was for the Dreamcast only. Shenmue II came on Dreamcast in Japan and Europe, but never made it to the U.S. If you want to play the American Shenmue II, you can get the version on the original Xbox.

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Wow people have put up 3.5 million already. Take a look at those prizes. I would have worked the rigs this fall to come up with the ten thousand dollars to win the original Ryo jacket from 20 years ago but its gone.

I would ride my Suzuki through town wearing my leather jacket and feeling like the coolest guy in 4 counties.

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