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E3 2015: Final Fantasy VII Remake

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Every year, I pay close attention to E3 for new video game and console announcements. Final Fantasy VII Remake just got announced. You guys may not be big FF VII fans, but it is a great announcement for Final Fantasy altogether. Below is the E3 2015 Trailer for the Final Fantasy VII HD Remake coming to the Playstation 4 first and other consoles and PCs to follow. I'm quite excited and will definitely get the game for nostalgic value and the HD changes made to the game. :-)

Read the article:


Watch the E3 Trailer:

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Final Fantasy VII was the first Final Fantasy game I ever played. I still have my original save state and every few years I pop back in to unleash a can of whoop ass on Sephiroth. To this day I still have not beaten the Emerald and Ruby machines, but I really haven't tried in probably a decade or so. So looking forward to this game :)

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My first Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy II (SNES, or FF IV in Japan). That game really jump started my love for RPGs altogether. Because of that game, I went back and played Dragon Warrior and the original Final Fantasy for NES. Final Fantasy VII was like my 10th RPG I ever played. To me, FF VII was a good game, but not super awesome like Final Fantasy III (SNES, or FF VI in Japan). Either way, FF VII was still one of my favorite RPGs of all time. So, it's really cool that Square Enix listened to the crowd and will be releasing the HD remake. I will buy a Playstation 4 just for that game. It will be for PC and Xbox One eventually too, but I can't wait that long. LOL.

Emerald and Ruby weapons were uber hard as far I can remember. But I did beat Ruby back in the day. Emerald gave me such a hard time, so I gave up. Raising Chocobos and racing them were the highlights of the game. Hehe. Oh yeah, the battle with Sephiroth was cool too.

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i've only played two final fantasy games. the original and VII. not really a fan of the OG (nes rpgs are rather limited for my tastes) but have played 7 countless times. i've owned a couple of strategy guides on it (still have one of them!) and still have my original black backed release of it for the first PlayStation.

it's still a gut-punch when Aeris dies.

interested in following the developments with this game but don't see myself picking it up.

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