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How do you guys read your magazines ? (hardware / Software)


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I use multiple programs on two platforms. I will eventually get them to one of my older macs running os9. There is some type of romance using old world rom OSes, though it would be nice to run os7 again.... On my pc I use cbr and on my macs I can't remember because I am getting use to windows 10.

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I occasionally scroll through a physical copy of one of my old Nintendo Powers or EGMs, just to feel nostalgic, but the convenience (and massive storage space) of my tablet makes digital reading a lot of fun.

I have a Nook Color from Barnes and Noble, chosen specifically because of how easy it is to hack and because ebooks can be side-loaded (through SD card). Once I hacked it it stripped away the B&N architecture leaving Android technology at its base, allowing me to stock it with a few different e-reader apps (Aldiko and Moon + seem to be the two best). I threw in a 32 gb SD card and now have every available copy of Nintendo Power, EGM, GamePro, Game Player's, and GamePro (as well as a couple hundred books) at my disposal in one convenient location. One of the best purchases I ever made.

I convert the CBR files into PDFs before I load them though since I cannot stand reading ebooks and mags in that format.

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