Photo Information for Nintendo Adventure Books 01: Double Trouble (June 1991)

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  6. Byte Order Motorola
  7. Orientation
    The 0th row is at the visual top of the image, and the 0th column is the visual left-hand side
  8. X-Resolution
  9. Y-Resolution
  10. Resolution Unit
  11. Software
    Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Windows)
  12. Last Modified
    2016:08:02 14:47:33
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  15. Image Length
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    • By BubbiesTheSeven
      Title says it all really. The scans I need right now are:
      Issue 148
      Issue 158
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      Issue 161
      Issue 167-236
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      That's all the ones I need. ^-^
    • By VGScrapbook
      Hi everybody, when the SNES Classic was released, I decided to compile all of the content that was covered in Nintendo Power for each game (including the comics). Before I knew it, I was spending quite a few hours looking through every issue, referencing various indexes, cropping pages to fit better with one another, etc. I've already spent way more time on this project than I wanted. If anybody wants to do whatever would be needed to make these suitable for distribution on Retromags itself, feel free to edit and redistribute:
      Also, I'd appreciate a quick thanks if anybody likes my efforts since part of me wonders if I wasted my time. For example, I also included a 100 page document focused on Super Mario 64 in anticipation of Super Mario Odyssey. I think it's really neat to be able to see all of the beta images of a game, the maps, strategies, codes, arena scores, ads, etc. all in one place without having to seek multiple magazines to see it all. Some of these compilations even act as the closest thing to an official Nintendo Player's Guide for the games that never had one (such as Super Punch-Out!!). Another highlight of course are the comics, some of which I couldn't find a full CBZ version anywhere else. Enjoy!
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      So far I have debinded my official guide of paper mario thousand year door and am currently scanning all pages.  I'm following the guides in the how to.  Just posting this to let others know this is currently in progress.
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      Hello everyone, I was going through the Video Game Guides and noticed that Paper Mario: The Thousand Year door was missing.  Finding it on other sites, I noticed that the quality of the scans were crap compared to some of the high quality scans I've seen on Retromags.

      I purchased the Official Guide from Nintendo Power Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door, and my friend is coming over later today with her hair dryer so I can take apart the guide and scan each page individually with my own scanner.  I was wondering who I might have to get in contact with in order to get this thing uploaded or sent in a winrar or zipped file after I'm done scanning them.