ReRUN 019 March/April 1988
© IDG Communications/Peterborough

ReRUN 019 March/April 1988

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Cover of Mar/Apr 1988 issue of ReRUN


© IDG Communications/Peterborough
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Photo Information for ReRUN 019 March/April 1988

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    • By blankd
      Hey guys! Recently got into emulating PS1 games which has sent me on a massive nostalgia trip. Thought I'd try and seek out my primary source of gaming info at the time (Official UK Playstation Magazine) but have come to find that very few issues that I can recall exist online. A search on this forum lead me to some issues that I've been unable to find, however the links are long dead. You also don't appear to have any archived currently. Was just wondering if anybody could push me in the right direction? I find it very odd that one of the (apparently) best selling game mags of it's time has very little online presence. Makes me cringe that I probably threw them away years ago! Thanks in advance!
      I'll also make an effort to have a rummage whenever I'm in a charity shop and look into scanning myself... will update on my progress =]
    • By puregreen
      Hey guys, 
      I'm looking for all Dreamcast Magazine issues by Paragon Publishing (unofficial!) for my collection. As well as Dreamcast Solutions spin-off magz (not quite sure how many of these exist).
      It's kinda weird they don't appear on eBay since it was one of the best-selling DC magz...
      Looking for the best condition, mint if possible (I think it's very realistic because again, it was very popular).
      If anyone has some of them to offer, we can make a deal  I can pay with PayPal / Skrill.
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      Hello hello!
      I’m looking for (mostly) early issues of Tips & Tricks magazine for my collection.
      Condition isn’t a huge deal to me, the magazines just can’t be literally falling apart. My only requirements are that A. The cover is present and intact, and B. There are no missing pages / binding is fully intact. Otherwise, page creases, folds, minor tears, etc. are acceptable for the most part.
      As for particular issues I’m looking for, this is my current collection spreadsheet; as noted in the key at the bottom, I’m looking for anything in either red or yellow.
      A few things of note about “non-standard” issues: In September of 98’, T&T created a full strategy guide for Mortal Kombat 4. It was the only time they produced a standalone strategy guide. Also of note is the listing for April of 1998 – this issue was the only issue released with two different covers, one for Canada, and one for the rest of the world. I have the worldwide cover, so I’m missing the Canadian counterpart. Lastly, “Tips & Tricks” released their last numbered issue in August of 2007. Following this, they continued to release “Tips & Tricks Videogame Codebook” issues up until the final issue, in January of 2011. These issues were released less frequently, and had a lot of the features of the original magazine removed, in lieu of straight up cheat-codes and mini strategy guides.

      In addition to my spreadsheet, I also have a quick-reference image of every cover from the missing issues on my list, as well as a (possibly easier to read) text list.

      Summer 1994 (#2): Super Street Fighter II
      Fall 1994 (#3): Mortal Kombat II
      July 1995 (#6): X-Men 2: Clone Wars
      October 1995 (#8): Battle Arena Toshinden
      November 1995 (#9): WWF WrestleMania – Arcade Special
      December 1995 (#10): Tekken
      January 1996 (#11): Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
      February 1996 (#12): Marvel Super Heroes
      March 1996 (#13): Samurai Shodown III: Blades of Blood
      April 1996 (#14): Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
      May 1996 (#15): Killer Instinct 2
      June 1996 (#16): Area 51
      July 1996 (#17): Street Fighter Alpha 2
      August 1996 (#18): Special Arcade Issue
      September 1996 (#19): Cyber Troopers Virtual-On
      October 1996 (#20): Nights into Dreams, Super Mario 64, Tekken 2
      November 1996 (#21): Star Gladiator Episode I: Final Crusade
      February 1997 (#24): Virtua Fighter 3
      April 1997 (#26): Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
      July 1997 (#29): Tekken 3
      September 1997 (#31): Final Fantasy VII
      January 1998 (#35): Mortal Kombat 4
      April 1998 (#38 CANADA):  ReBoot
      1998 SPECIAL EDITION: Mortal Kombat 4 – Official Strategy Guide
      May 2002 SUMMER CODEBOOK: Big Head Mode Cover
      September / October 2008: Grand Theft Auto IV
      May / June 2009: Street Fighter IV
      September / October 2009: Punch-Out!!
      November / December 2009: Wii Sports Resort
      February 2010: Halo 3: ODST
      If anyone has any to offer, I’d be happy to work out a deal, and it’d be really appreciated