Famitsu 0248 September 17, 1993

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Photo Information for Famitsu 0248 September 17, 1993

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    • By GamesAreGood
      According to PlayAsia, there are several issues of Famitsu Xbox and Famitsu Xbox 360, but only two of them are available for purchase. So, I was wondering if anyone was able to find copies of at least most of the issues of both Famitsu Xbox (original) and Famitsu Xbox 360, for posterity.
    • By JohnSmith
      The cover of the 62nd issue of Antic magazine, from December 1987.
    • By JohnSmith
      The cover of the 27th issue of Antic magazine, from January 1985.
    • By godane
      So here is eBay user called japan-goods-hunter that has tons of japanese magazines that i figure you guys would want to scan. The price is very high but i figure i could at least posted if there is anything close to normal pricing. Or at least maybe make a lower offer for some the magazine sets.
    • By supafami
      Hello, I've been an user of this site for a couple of years but have been unable to help, until hopefully now.
      I archive japanese sales data, the oldest of which can be found on Famitsu, or Famicom Tsushin at the time, right now I'm trying to archive all the Top 30s on famitsu issues released between 1986 and early 1995, so far I've saved 108 issues of the 319 I'm currently tracking, this has been an effort going back several years. One major issue when doing this is that the issues, until 1993, don't say what period are the tracking, so I, with the great help of other people managed to piece together what period tracks each issue, a thing that was needed to to this was the cover of the each issue, and we managed to get most covers between Famitsu #1 and #319 with less than a handful missing, not all are on great quality but I figure after all the help this site has been I should give something back.
      Covers are present there, I have higher quality (not in all cases) of some of the covers present there, if they're needed I'll gladly help. My intention is for them to go here: https://www.retromags.com/magazines/jpn/famitsu/?d=5&page=9 so I'm not sure if a height of over 500px is necesary.