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Final Fantasy VII: On the Way To A Smile

Final Fantasy VII: On the Way To A Smile is a series of short stories taking place between the time of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Written by Kazushige Nojima, the first story, "Case of Denzel", was released in episodes on the official Japanese Advent Children website, and was released together with "Case of Tifa" in V-Jump's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Prologue book. "Case of Barret" was released originally in English, with the North American and European limited edition box set of Advent Children.

On the Way to a Smile was released simultaneously with Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete, collecting the short stories in book format, with the Japanese version of "Case of Barret", as well as four new stories: "Case of Yuffie", "Case of Nanaki", "Case of Shinra", and "Case of the Lifestream".

Originally published in 2009

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