ATI sound card

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Not a lot of information out there about this card, meant to compete with the Soundblaster and Ad Lib at the time of this 1992 ad.  ATI would obviously go on to be more well known for their graphics cards, while this particular venture would fade into obscurity.

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These cards didn't really slide into obscurity.  They were a well known low-cost card compared to creative or adlib right up to the late 90's.  A ATI StereoFX card ran about 1/3 the cost of a Soundblaster(around $300 in '92).  It was this that catapulted ATI's video cards into the mainstream, further it became a big thing to use either ATI or Matrox as a 2D solution with your 3dfx voodoo card.

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58 minutes ago, Lilly said:

These cards didn't really slide into obscurity. 

That observation was in regard to the lack of any information related to these specific soundcards in my (admittedly quick) google search moreso than their historical importance.  There was a significant gap in time between the release of this card and ATi's emergence as a player in the video card market, though, so it would be interesting to know what they were doing during those intervening years.  Someone needs to update their wikipedia page!😄

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