Famitsu 0305 (October 21, 1994)

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Photo Information for Famitsu 0305 (October 21, 1994)

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10 minutes ago, Areala said:

Yay, a magazine from my birthday! :D

You were born in 1994??  Good lord, I was in high school when you were in diapers!😉

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4 hours ago, Ethereal Dragonz said:

Poor Areala missed out on the Nintendo and Super Nintendo era :-(.

Going back and playing them now just doesn't have the same context.

You should read some of the Tomb Raider fanfiction @Areala posted when she was 7 years old.  It's amazing - you would swear on your life it was written by someone in their 20s.  Apparently she was a huge fan of the game ever since it was released when she was two years old.   Child prodigy!

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I assure you, poor Areala didn't miss out on the NES and SNES era. She was around for those and for the Atari era as well. Kitsu-chan is being silly. :) 

Also, no one should read anything I wrote back then for any reason whatsoever at all.


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