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Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic: The Games - Millennium



  • "If Wishes Were Acorns" (StH #80)
  • "The Chaos Factor" (StH #79)
    • Note: The first five pages of this story were excluded.
  • "City Of Dreams" (StH #81)
  • "All You Need Is A Bit Of Chaos" (StH #81)
    • Note: The last two pages of this story were excluded.
  • "A Rose Plucked" (StH #81)
  • "Double-Crossed Circuits" (StH #82)
  • "Door to the Past" (StH #82)
    • Note: The last two pages of this story were excluded.
  • "Night of Chaos" (StH #82)
  • "Premonition" (StH #92)
  • "Sonic Adventure 2" (StH #98)
  • "As the Shadow Awakes!" (StH #98)
  • "Time and Again" (SU #2)

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Archie Digital Exclusives

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If anyone has a pdf, cbz, whatever of this, please send it my way. I want the high quality versions of these comics for a little project I'm working on.

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Sell me on this project of yours and I'll consider it.

J/k.  You're on your own.  The comics reprinted in this collection are easily found in a million places, so there wasn't much incentive to rip this.  For that reason, the collection itself is probably hard to find outside of torrents, though it apparently exits.  Search for: Sonic The Games – Millennium (Aug 2012) (digital) (alfablac)

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I actually managed to find every digital version of each issue in HQ on the internet archive just a second ago! Guess I don't need to find the millennium anymore.

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