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    • By puregreen
      Hey guys, 
      I'm looking for all Dreamcast Magazine issues by Paragon Publishing (unofficial!) for my collection. As well as Dreamcast Solutions spin-off magz (not quite sure how many of these exist).
      It's kinda weird they don't appear on eBay since it was one of the best-selling DC magz...
      Looking for the best condition, mint if possible (I think it's very realistic because again, it was very popular).
      If anyone has some of them to offer, we can make a deal  I can pay with PayPal / Skrill.
    • By will
      Hi Chaps, I'm selling all my Retro/Classic NES, Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo 64">N64 & Dreamcast items on eBay - mostly 0.99 auctions that end on Sunday 10th February. All shipping is at cost price (or less) & I ship anywhere. View all the items here: http://willhow.es/y0or View seller feedback here: http://willhow.es/qIdR And here's a quick montage of what's on offer for anyone who doesn't want to click away:
      Hope something is of interest to someone out there! regards, - Will