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Game Description

Better grab a pot... and get cracking!

What a scene! Like, total chaos! A swarm of bugs in consuming the city and they're stopping at nothing. Folks are frantic--they don't know what to do. But they do know one thing: these bugs are hungry.

Here's the story. First they slither out of sewers and disperse. They, they crawl every which way, up your walls and into your windows. Let six of the buggers in, and you've had it.

And that's the good news. The bad news is that insecticides are useless. The bugs are immune. There's only one thing that works: potted petunias. They hate potted petunias.

C'mon. Show 'em you're madder than mad, and you're not gonna take it anymore. Get yourself up to the roof to pelt these pests with petunias. This swarm is just itching to eat you out of house and home...

Game Information

    System: Atari 2600
    Publisher: Activision
    Developer: Activision
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: July 1983
    Strategy Guides:

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