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Game Description

  • For1 player. 2 skill levels. Challenge a friend. High score wins.
  • You start with a full swimming pool. Help KOOL-AID MAN keep the insatiable Thirsties from stealing the water in the pool. Don't get caught or KOOL-AID MAN bounces around the yard!
  • Help KOOL-AID MAN gobble up KOOL-AID soft drink mix ingredients so he can defeat the Thirsties.
  • Catch the insatiable Thirsties before they steal all the water in the pool and you win the game!

Game Information

    Title:Kool Aid Man
    System: Atari 2600
    Publisher: Mattel Electronics
    Developer: Mattel Electronics
    Genre: N/A
    Release Date: September 1983
    Strategy Guides:

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