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Game Description

ESCAPE! Your mind throbs, trapped in the Room of Doom, the fiendish gunmen are trying tio annihilate you. Shots come from secret portholes that mysteriously open and close. Watch out! The gunmen have unleashed a hydra-headed monster! It relentlessly pursues you. Don't panic. Your marksmanship can stun it, but only for a moment. Should you remain in the Room of Doom too long, the monster becomes invulnerable to your bullets.
Dodge the gunmen's firepower; shoot them in return when the secret portholes open, then escape... But where? The next Room of Doom awaits! An even more diabolical chamber with rapid-fire gunmen and devious monsters trying to destroy you.
Can you survive through the full gauntlet of Rooms and escape unscathed? Only you can test your skill in this latest video challenge from CommaVid.

Game Information

    Title:Room Of Doom
    System: Atari 2600
    Publisher: CommaVid, Inc.
    Developer: CommaVid, Inc.
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: 1982
    Strategy Guides:

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