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Game Description

In this exciting SPIDER-MAN adventure, the GREEN GOBLIN has set out to destroy New York City. Only you can save the bustling metropolis--because you're SPIDER-MAN! Quickly slip into your costume, check your web fluid cartridges, and get set to web-swing through this most dangerous mission. The action begins on a booby-trapped skyscraper...

Scale the skyscraper by shooting a web in any direction above you. Climb up, drop down--even swing from side to side!
Capture criminals by swinging over the windows in which they appear. But watch out! They'll try to cut your web. If they do, shoot another web fast, or you'll fall!
Keep an eye on your web fluid supply. If you run low, quickly capture a criminal to replenish your supply.
Climb to the high voltage tower where time bombs tick toward detonation. Defuse the bombs before they blow up...you'll score points, and get extra web fluid!
Use your Joystick to shoot web fluid and move SPIDER-MAN.
Watch out for your archenemy, the evil GREEN GOBLIN! He'll do anything to thwart your mission--and keep you from defusing the Super Bomb!

The work of SPIDER-MAN is never done. To save the metropolis, move to another building--and face even greater dangers!

Game Information

    System: Atari 2600
    Publisher: Parker Brothers
    Developer: Parker Brothers
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: November 1982
    Strategy Guides:

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