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Game Description

Gorf is a game that consists of five levels:

  • The first level called Astro Battles has the player's ship behind a defensive shield, defending against an alien attack. The level is a top-down view, with the player's ship and shield on one side and the aliens on the other side; this level bears the most resemblance to Space Invaders.
  • The second level called Laser Attack is made up of a formation of ships, with some that swoop down and a laser that fires at the player's ship. Bonus ships also tend to appear in this level.
  • The third level is called Galaxians, and as the name suggests it is very similar to the game Galaxian with ships constantly dive bombing the player's spaceship. This mission only appears in the Arcade version.
  • The fourth level called Space Warp, has the player entering hyperspace.. The viewpoint switches from a top-down view to a behind-the-ship view. One by one, alien vessels will come out and fly in a circular formation shooting at the player's ship with the players goal being to destroy each one.
  • The fifth and final level is called Flag Ship. In this level, the player does not fight a wave of enemies, but a single one which happens to be a large Flag Ship with a weak spot which is its core. Hitting the weak spot will instantly destroy it, but the player must first shoot through a similar shield that the player had in the first level.

Finishing the game increases the player's rank and starts the game over at level 1 with a faster game speed for more challenge.

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Game Information

    Publisher: CBS Electronics
    Developer: Dave Nutting Associates, Inc.
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: 1983
    Strategy Guides:

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