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Iron Soldier 2 puts you back in the pilot's seat of a 42 foot tall humanoid war machine. The old Iron Fist corporation is gone, and a new democratic republic has been set up. The peace is short lived, though. Iron Fist's rival, PENTA corporation, is now threatening the United Republic's stability. You are a pilot for the United Republic, and must stop PENTA's advances.


Iron Soldier 2 plays similarly to the first game. You have new weapons, new enemies, and 20 super-challenging missions to contend with.


Originally released on CD, Telegames later released a cartridge version, featuring the same gameplay as the CD version, but lacking music as well as having had the FMV sequences replaced with still images due to space constraints.

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Game Information

    Title:Iron Soldier 2
    Publisher: Atari Corporation, Telegames, Inc.
    Developer: Eclipse Software Design
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: December 1997
    Strategy Guides:

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