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Atari Jaguar

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  Game Title Publisher Developer Genre Release Date


ICD, Inc. MidNite Entertainment Group Inc. Shooter 1997

Alien vs. Predator

Atari Corporation Rebellion Developments Ltd. Shooter 1994

Atari Karts

Atari Corporation Miracle Designs Racing 1995

Attack of the Mutant Penguins

Atari Corporation Sunrise Games Ltd. Action/Adventure 1996

Battle Sphere

4Play/ScatoLogic 4Play/ScatoLogic Simulator 2000

Breakout 2000

Atari Corporation, Telegames, Inc. MP Games Puzzle 1996

Brutal Sports Football

Telegames, Inc. Teque London Ltd. Sports 1994

Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales

Atari / Accolade Imagitec Design Inc. Action/Adventure 1994

Cannon Fodder

Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc. Sensible Software Strategy 1995

Checkered Flag

Atari Corporation Rebellion Developments Ltd. Racing 1994

Club Drive

Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Racing 1994


Atari Corporation Attention to Detail Limited Shooter 1993

Defender 2000

Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Shooter 1996


Atari Corporation id Software, Inc. Shooter 1994

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls

Tradewest, Inc. Leland Interactive Media Fighting 1995

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Atari Corporation Virgin Interactive Entertainment Fighting 1994

Evolution: Dino Dudes

Atari Corporation Imagitec Design Inc. Puzzle 1994

Fight For Life

Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Fighting 1996

Flashback: The Quest for Identity

U.S. Gold Ltd. Delphine Software International Action/Adventure 1995


Atari Corporation Gorilla Systems Corporation Puzzle 1995


Atari Corporation Atari Corporation Shooter 1995

Hyper Force

Songbird Productions Visual Impact Action/Adventure 2000


Atari Corporation Imagitec Design Inc. Shooter 1995

International Sensible Soccer

Telegames Sensible Software Sports 1995

Iron Soldier

Atari Corporation Eclipse Software Design Shooter 1994