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Game Description

Beneath the City of Xebec's Demise lies The Dungeon. These dark, gloomy corridors hold many of the secrets to your existence in Alternate Reality. Take your high-level character from The City into The Dungeon and explore with confidence. Or, if you dare, develop a brand new character from the moment you walk through the forbidding Dungeon portal.

Accept the quest of Acrinimiril the Wizard; join a Guild and learn to use magic spells; sort out the rumors passed on from life-forms you encounter; and discover the path on the Oracle of prophecy.

Good deeds and a visit to the Dungeon chapel can help to redeem an evil adventurer, Make friends where you can, but beware: friends in one quarter can lead to foes in another!

Four levels of Dungeon to explore; multitudes of new monsters; quest upon quest; and strange forces, both evil and good, take you further toward your ultimate goal in the Alternate Reality series: return to Earth or seek revenge on your captors.

Game Information

    Title:Alternate Reality: The Dungeon
    Publisher: Datasoft
    Developer: Datasoft
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: June 1987

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