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Game Description

The evil genius Dr. Doom has stolen a U.S. Nuclear missile, and now threatens to detonate it over New York City if his demands aren’t met.

In this unique, interactive comic-book arcade game, you guide Spider-Man and Capt. America through Dr. Doom’s fortified castle, where danger lurks in each corridor. As Spider-Man, you’ll scale walls and spin webs; as the super-soldier Capt. America you’ll learn just how useful the famous star spangled shield can be. Together, Spider-Man and Capt. America will need all their skills and special powers to stop Doom.

But Dr. Doom is not alone, he has created an army of robotic guards, and assembled the most formidable group of super villains ever. You’ll have to face the lightning blasts of Electro and the exploding Jack-O-Lanterns of the Hobgoblin. You’ll have to dodge the deadly charges of the Rhino and evade the razor sharp blades of Machete. Should you survive all his, you’ll then face Doom himself — a madman obsessed with revenge!!

Game Information

    Title:Dr. Doom's Revenge
    Publisher: Medalist International
    Developer: Paragon Software
    Genre: Fighting
    Release Date: 1989

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