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It's you against yourself. And the clock. Easy enough. Except for the barrage of barriers that stand between you and the finish line. And, oh yes, little inconveniences such as rats the size of cars eager to leave a sharp impression on you. There, there now. Don't let that stop you. After all, the measure of true success is the amount of obstacles one must overcome. Like hurdles that bring to mind skyscrapers. And big barrels, as in rolling right at your legs. And potholes. How wide? There's a picture of the Grand Canyon in your encyclopedia. Now's the time to look. Ready for countdown. Don't slip. Jump on a skateboard and speed over the green slime tiles. Ever wonder what it would feel like to get shot out of a cannon? There're springboards along the course that'll shoot you through mid-air like a surface-to-air missile. Well, now. How do you feel? You've crossed the finish line. Easy now, you're really huffing and puffing. Save your breath. There are 24 levels in all. And each gets harder and harder as you go along. Metrocross. The fastest, most challenging, most cockamamie course ever conceived by man or beast

Game Information

    Publisher: US Gold
    Developer: Namco
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: July 1988

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