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Game Description

FANTASIA, the world of human fantasy is in peril! You, Atreyu, the mightiest warrior of Fantasia, have been chosen to rescue your world from The Nothing, the empty cloud of human despair that consumes the very fabric of the land. Leaving all weapons behind, you begin your quest to find what will stop The Nothing and save Fantasia from extinction.

Choose a companion to hasten your journey. Ride Artax, your faithful steed. Find the magical medallion, Auryn, and befriend Falkor, the Luckdragon. But beware! Gmork, the servant of The Nothing, searches relentlessly throughout the land to destroy you.

Come, discover the world of Fantasia! Meet the natives: Nighthob and Teenyweeny; eccentric gnomes, Engywook and Urgll; the towering Rockbiter; Morla, the apathetic sage.

Each section of Fantasia you traverse presents a new challenge. Each puzzle you unravel brings you closer to your final goals: Contact someone from the Real World and return Auryn to the Empress in the Ivory Tower.

Game Information

    Title:Neverending Story, The
    Publisher: Datasoft
    Developer: Ocean Software
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: 1985

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