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Game Description

In April 1600, Englishman John Blackthome was shipwrecked off the coast of Japan by a violent storm. He found himself in the centre of a political conflict of equal violence.

For six centuries Japan had been torn by civil strife. The mighty warlords (daimyo) administered the feudal system and guarded against bandits and insurrection — This icon driven interactive novel puts you in there with them. Take the part of any of the 40 characters as they vie for supreme power in the land, to become the military ruler of all Japan, to become SHOGUN.

Test out your powers of intelligence, cunning, politics and combat against some of the most powerful figures in history. Choose the part of Blackthome, lshido, Zen Master Ikematu, or become a Samurai Warrior — or even a Peasant.

Any way you want to play it, the road to becoming Shogun will test you to the limit!

Game Information

    Title:Shogun, James Clavell's
    Publisher: Mastertronic
    Developer: Gang of Five
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: 1986

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