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Game Description

This preprogrammed cartridge plugs into the console of the Fairchild Video Entertainment System for more TV fun on the Channel F Network. Imagine shooting pool with both players going for the balls at the same time. That's just a hint of the slam-bang action you'll find as you try to knock the whizballs into your opponent's goal.

Video Whizball (1 & 2 players):
Play solo, compete with a friend or sit back and take notes as you watch computer-controlled players battle it out. Video Whizball is like no game you've ever seen.

Select the point total for the winning score. Put from 1 to 4 whizballs into play. Choose their point value. There's even an option that lets you control your shots at the whizballs like guided missiles. But watch out. Make sure you don't get hit by a "guided missle" shot or bouncing whizball. That'll knock you temporarily off the playing field, leaving your goal wide open to be "whizzed" by your opponent.

Game Information

    Title:Video Whizball
    Publisher: Fairchild
    Developer: Fairchild
    Genre: N/A
    Release Date: 1978

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