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Game Description

Eric, the young scientific genius, has learned the secret of time travel by channeling with an intelligent extraterrestrial life form. In 1991, after eight years of hard work, he perfects his time travel system (7 linked buildings with a time-travel pod moving through them at ultra-high speeds). On the day his system is completed, Eric hears the voice of the extraterrestrial a second time:

"When the darkness is covered by light, and the bright sun shines down on all, only then will the jewel cast aside its blue veil - and the time traveller, standing on the silent field, will know despair like never before."

What meaning is hidden in the extraterrestrial's message? Eric doesn't know. But everything is ready to go. He steps into the shining silver time-travel pod, and. . . .

Game Information

    Title:Time Cruise
    Publisher: Face
    Developer: Sankindo
    Genre: Pinball
    Release Date: 1992

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