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The battle of a lifetime comes alive in 3-D!

WorldRunner.™ The wildest of the space cowboys is out looking for adventure. Now he's got it, and he needs your help.
A strange world terrorized by Grax, the Alien Serpentbeast, has asked you, WorldRunner™, for help. Knowing you can outrun, outjump and outblast anyone or anything, you race into battle.
But this is no ordinary fight. These battles will carry you to 8 strange planets filled with bottomless pits, shooting stars, and poisonous aliens, all sworn to defend their Serpent King. And each new world is ruled by an Alien Serpentbeast more terrifying and more powerful than anything you've ever seen before.

Are you ready WorldRunner™?


They're waiting for you.

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    Title:3-D Battles of World Runner, The
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment
    Developer: Square
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: September 1987
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