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Game Description

Long ago, monsters were set loose on the city of Skara Brae by Mangar the Dark, a malevolent mage. Now you create a band of six adventurers to seek out and conquer the monstrous creatures that lurk within. Choose each hero's class: Warrior (weapons expert), Rouge (sneaky fighter), Hunter (ninja assassin), Wizard (21 spells), or Sorcerer (22 spells). And the Bard, a wandering minstrel. Though each hero is strong in battle, the Bard's special weapon is magical music which has devastating effects on your fearsome foes. Hone your combat skills through 16 complex maze levels as you face dragons, trolls, nomads and other hideous creatures. 

Game Information

    Title:Bard's Tale, The
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: FCI
    Developer: Interplay Productions, Inc.
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: November 1991
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