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Game Description

Introducing... The Chessmaster, the most powerful chess program in the world today - and the friendliest! With over 30 different features, The Chessmaster is the perfect chess companion, adversary and instructor for any chess player, beginner or expert.

Watch The Chessmaster think, force The Chessmaster to move, change sides at any time... you can play, practice or learn chess - alone or with a friend!

16 levels from Newcomer to Grandmaster.

Teaching mode shows all possible legal moves.

Set up pieces in any position to play and solve chess problems.

Play against classic openings (over 150,000 moves in library!)

"War Room" simultaneously displays move list, thinking window and captured pieces 

Solve for mate

Includes discounted membership to U.S Chess Federation (U.S.C.F.) 

Game Information

    Title:Chessmaster, The
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions
    Developer: Software Toolworks
    Genre: Board/Casino
    Release Date: November 1989
    Strategy Guides:

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