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Evil arch villain Butch Cavendish has been a burr on your saddle ever since he did in your dad. Now he's kidnapped the President just to lure you to your doom, and there's nothing but a trail of doom between you. In fact, kemosabe, there's eight wild west stages of pistol packin' danger to run, shoot, and gallop through, including first person 3-D stages that put peril in a whole new perspective.

You'll have to ride trains and wild Indian infested plains. Comb caves and mountain hideouts. Hunt for treasure and survive hotel shoot-outs. Gunsling your way through more than 20 towns, camps and forts. Dodging outlaws in ambush, and an ugly assortment of rough-necked riffrafflike the bowie knife throwing bandit, Juaquin Fingers. The infamous Berg Brothers who make Jesse James look like a schoolmarm. Not to mention slimy Su Linchay, the School of Hard Woks graduate with breath that will melt your mask. And when you start out, all you have to defend yourself is your trusty six-shooter, Zapper or LaserScope.  

So hop on your fiery horse Silver, track down that cad Cavendish, and rescue the President. Or with the speed of light and a cloud of dust you'll wind up a mere tumbleweed in time.

Game Information

    Title:Lone Ranger, The
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: Konami
    Developer: Konami
    Genre: N/A
    Release Date: August 1991
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