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Meet Mick and Mack - the coolest kids in McDonaldland. Now that Hamburglar has run off with Ronald's magic bag, the M. C. Kids need your help to find him. You'll need to move pretty fast to dodge creatures like Goferit and I. Psycho, solve tricky puzzles and explore the secret levels of McDonaldland. If you're going to help the M.C.Kids track down Hamburglar, you're going to have to make some totally fresh moves of your own. Oh yeah - once you've figured out how to play this game right side up - try it upside down!


  • Completely original upside down blocks that will really flip you.
  • Over 30 levels that scroll in all directions to run, jump, duck and throw objects in.
  • Reverse spinner to send you back where you came from.
  • Seven worlds to search through where you'll raft across a lava river, skid across an ice bridge - or even land on the moon.
  • Two player cooperative mode.

Game Information

    Title:M.C. Kids
    System: Nintendo Entertainment System
    Publisher: Virgin Interactive
    Developer: Virgin Interactive
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: February 1992
    Strategy Guides:

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