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You waited in line for cabbage long enough. Now is time to play new television game show. This is best show on Bizarrnian state run television. Where else can you join party and compete for cash prizes at the same time?
For generations our people suffered. Now is time to party. The humor is good - sometimes we laugh at Eastern Europe, sometimes we laugh at Western civilization.

Formerly innocent bystanders (except Colonel Kropotkin) now ready to compete for cold, hard, capitalism cash. Experience fast-paced head-to-head challenges and unique gameplay unlike any other game on black market. This is excellent activity for cold winter nights. Little Ivana says is great serf musik soundtrack too.
Peep into secret lives of contestants. Help them fulfill their secret desires. Your secret desire was for additional control pad (so we put control pad inside box for you).
This is not Las Vegas. This is not nuclear power plant. This is your chance to make new life in Amerika. Good lucks.
Practice deciphering and understanding Western cinema. Rack your brain for answers to some of most fascinating trivia questions ever conceived. Test your skills and intellect against your decadent family and friends. In fact, test them again and again with thousands of questions and puzzles.
Pressure opponents into different tasks, rush to solve puzzles faster, demonstrate your bourgeois intellect and win capitalist cash. But watch carefully because each game is different with each competitor.
The capitalist path can be treacherous. Step carefully to acquire wealth on the Money-Go-Round. Also good opportunity to screw comrades.

Game Information

    Title:Zhadnost: The People's Party
    Publisher: 3DO
    Developer: Studio 3DO
    Genre: Puzzle
    Release Date: March 1995
    Strategy Guides:

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