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Bug Blasters: The Exterminators is an unreleased Sega Mega-CD game developed by Digital Pictures. It was an on-the-rails shoot-'em-up game paired with many full motion video cutscenes, set for release in 1995.
Though the game was not officially released, it was completed and a prototype has since emerged. It was distributed commercially by Good Deal Games in 2001.

A band of warrior insects calling themselves 'The league of Insects' under the control of General Grub and El Roacho, have captured City Hall and are holding Los Angeles hostage! You are the rookie member of the elite fighting force, The Bug Blasters. Accompanied by a crack team of experts, including Team Captain McVay, a veteran of the New York City Roach Wars of '79, you must vanquish the insect threat throughout the city and the long overlooked underground tunnels in which they have been swarming. Prevent these pests from further capturing and cacooning humans. You are an exterminator. Destroy the hive, and get out alive before it's too late!
"You've got a problem... We're here to SOLVE IT!"

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    Title:Bug Blasters: The Exterminators
    Publisher: Good Deal Games
    Developer: Digital Pictures
    Genre: Shooter
    Release Date: 2001
    Strategy Guides:

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