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Game Description

The Goddess of Ambition is locked up in the mazes beneath the Darkling tower. A legend is told that once rescued she will grant any wish. A group of heroes stranded in a strange world must attempt to free this divine creature and use her powers to return home.


Dungeon Explorer is an action role-playing game. It supports up to four players with a choice of six different character classes: monk, knight, elf, mage, beast and ninja. The game starts in the area surrounding a save point. This area functions as a central hub to access all the six dungeons. If a character leaves it, the food counter starts decreasing. If it reaches zero, the life points start diminishing until the character dies. Food can be found as potions or pots around the mazes. Returning the character to the save point area replenishes all the counters and cures all conditions (like poisoning and confusion). The gold collected in the game can be spent on equipment upgrades at the weapons shop. The tavern allows the player to switch characters.


The characters level up automatically as they amass the necessary experience points. Once a dungeon boss is defeated, the dungeon is locked and the player can't return to it. The game has four save slots, each one for an individual game.

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Game Information

    Title:Dungeon Explorer
    Publisher: SEGA of America, Inc.
    Developer: Hudson Soft Company, Ltd., Westone Co., Ltd.
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: 1995
    Strategy Guides:

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