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Game Description

Amp Up...
and get ready to grind! With the hottest competition under the California sun. Five massive events take you beyond radical!

Get Weird, Dude!
Half pipe: pump up for the half-pipe, solo or with a buddy, and get air! Surfing: carve a wave and go aerial! Skating: rr-ooooo-llll on skates-- even do stunts! The badder you are, the better it gets. BMX riding : shred dirt on a BMX. Foot bag: grab a pal and fast-kick a foot bag.

Turf to Surf!   
Boardwalk to half-pipe! Welcome to a new state of intensity for one to NINE players! It's most meritorious! So pull on those knee-pads and get knarly! 

Game Information

    Title:California Games
    Publisher: Sega
    Developer: Epyx
    Genre: Sports
    Release Date: 1991
    Strategy Guides:

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