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Game Description

World War III. You command the Abrams Battle Tank, 63 tons of mechanized fury and a highly-trained crew of four. Your bearing: 197. The recon map indicates an enemy base straight ahead, with hills rising steeply on either side. It's time to move out — zero hour in a 3-D world.

The Abrams Tank carries HEAT, AX and armor-piercing SABOT rounds for the 120mm cannon, plus a 7.62mm COAX machine gun. Easing around the hill, you scan the horizon. A column of Soviet T-62s at 2500 meters — just within range. Choose your ammo, load, and lock-on. Fire!

The enemy tank's armor shatters. You call up thermal imaging and strike out for the main road at 40 mph, while the fire-on-the-move TADS system frames the next tank with deadly accuracy. Unleash armor-melting HEAT shells at close range. Bull's eye! Enemy fire is all around, but it can't penetrate your Chobham armor.

Check the map at the Commander's Station, and review the mission status. But look out. There's an enemy relief column ahead. Prepare to lay smoke and reload, soldier, while Soviet choppers scream over the treetops.

Game Information

    Title:M-1 Abrams Battle Tank
    Publisher: Sega
    Developer: Dynamix, Inc.
    Genre: Simulator
    Release Date: 1991
    Strategy Guides:

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