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Game Description

A Strategic Simulation Masterpiece

The highest form of thought. The gateway to wisdom. The crowning achievement of simulation gaming.

New Series Enhancements

  • Play as a Ruler and unite the empire. Can you lead your armies to victory?
  • 15 Historical, 5 Fictional, and 5 Challenge scenarios- a series first!
  • One map for all of China! A single detailed map displays your capital, troop movements, geography, enemy strongholds, and more!
  • Build towers to defend bases or aid supply lines. Construct obstacles to hold back invasions.
  • Handle political and military affairs at the same time. Use diplomacy while under attack, shift strategies against enemy units in the midst of combat or ally with foreign tribes.
  • Set troop formations to activate tactics like "Arrows" or "Crossbow.(sic) Can you uncover the secret to tactical combos?
  • Personality affects an officer's response to your commands. Can the prudent officer fight on? Will the stouthearted warrior retreat?

Use save data from Dynasty Warriors 4, Dynasty Warriors 4 XL or Dynasty Tactics 2 to obtain a new officer.

Additional Features

  • Tutorial teaches as you play
  • Over 30 different tactics
  • 12 military formations
  • 34 event sequences and multiple endings
  • Character-specific events and clear bonuses
  • A glorious score with 23 orchestrated pieces
  • Play up to 8 characters at once

General Producer: Kou Shibusawa

Game Information

    Title:Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX
    Publisher: Koei
    Developer: Koei
    Genre: Strategy
    Release Date: March 2003

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