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The Largest army of super heroes is back... and being torn apart!

Forces collide as Super Heroes take sides over having to register with the government.
Harness the power of 24 playable heroes and villains with exciting new characters and team upgrades in this action-RPG
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The story in this Diablo-esque action RPG is loosely based on Marvel's "Civil War" event. Players will have to decide which alliance to choose which restricts the choice of heroes available until later in the game. Up to 4 players can play co-operatively in the story missions and simulated challenges. Full talent trees are available for each hero/villain as well as certain "Heroic Deeds" which unlock boosts to use or an alternate costume.

Gameplay uses a familar engine to returning players with combos and powers unique to each character. Before each mission is commenced a hub world is able to be explored with unique dialogue if your chosen hero has a history with the character you're speaking with,along with a 3-choice dialogue tree ( Agressive,Passive and Diplomatic).

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    Title:Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2
    Publisher: Activision
    Developer: Vicarious Visions
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: September,2009
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