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Choose different racing modes including Spot Race, Grand Prix, Time Attack, and Versus Mode. Equip your racing machine with either an automatic or manual transmission, and choose course conditions such as weather and time of day. There are two different classes, each with six different types of cars. If you choose A class you will race with an A class car, and if you choose B class you will race with a B class car.

Card Games

Enter the casino and step up to six of the most popular card games in the world! Players meet some old-time cardsharps looking to fleece their next victim. Use all your skills and gamesmanship to win at 5-Card Draw Poker, Baccarat, Black Jack, 7-Card Stud Poker and more!

Learn new tricks and techniques to earn your place at the top gaming tables as well as the respect of players from around the world!

Board Game Top Shop

On each turn, the player rolls a pencil and moves their character the number of spaces indicated. If the space the character lands on does not already have a store, the player can choose whether or not to open one there. If the character stops on another player’s store, they are required to purchase an item from them. When rolling, it is also possible to receive an event card. Different event cards can have positive or negative impacts on your character’s progress and success.

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    Title:3 Game Value Pack Volume #5
    Publisher: Agetec
    Genre: N/A
    Release Date: 2002
    Strategy Guides:

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