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Here's your chance to play the world's first role-playing game for the entry-level player.

The planet is dying. Cold winds blow. Fires rage. Trees are withering. In other words, it's brutal out there.
Only you can stop the Dark King from consuming the light from the Crystals of Earth. But don't think it'll be a walk in the park. You're up against the sleaziest of slimebags, the evilest of ecto-scum -- we're talking serious monsters here.
This isn't your basic shoot-'em-to-smithereens kiddy game either. You'll have you think your way out of some tough spots. Think you can handle that?

Free strategy guide available for a limited time with mail-in coupon. See inside for details.

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    Title:Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest
    Publisher: SquareSoft
    Developer: Squaresoft
    Genre: RPG
    Release Date: October 1992
    Strategy Guides:

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