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Game Description

Take control of Frantic Flea and save your Miniflea buddies from the Evil Insideos that are slowly taking over the Flea Homeworld!

Only your expert gameplaying skills can rid the planet of the purple alien menace...are you up to the challenge?

Frantic Flea features amazing cartoon-quality graphics...making it feel like you're playing a real animated cartoon!

Some of the features within the game include...

- Massive sprites with hundreds of animation frames for a fluid, lifelike quality.
- Interactive 'Insideo' villains - you'll actually see them pick up and carry away your Miniflea buddies!
- Unique level designs and 6 completely different zones of action - taking you on a guided tour of the Flea Homeworld!
- Amazing devices to find and use - including a Hoverpod, which enables Frantic to fly and Stikko, which gives him the ability to climb walls and hang from the roof!

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Game Information

    Title:Frantic Flea
    Publisher: GameTek
    Developer: Häus Teknikka
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Release Date: April 1996
    Strategy Guides:

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