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Oda Nobunaga, the mighty leader who strove to unite war-torn Japan, has returned, with more strength, intellect and luck on his side than ever before. Now as Oda, it's your turn to fight for control of Japan in this, the improved version of Koei's popular NES game, Nobunaga's Ambition.

No one can be trusted in 16th Century Japan - warlords hungry for power, ninja spies on terrorist missions, and rebellious peasants right in your own backyard will strike the first chance they get. But you're pretty tough yourself, with a lean and mean fighting force, the latest in modern rifles, and a cool head to deal with pressure.

After 100 years of chaos, the people of Japan are desperate for peace and order. Will you be the one to end the destruction?    

Game Information

    Title:Nobunaga's Ambition
    Publisher: Koei
    Developer: Koei
    Genre: Strategy
    Release Date: December 1993
    Strategy Guides:

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